Hey Helpers, Healers, Coaches, and Therapists

Who do you go to for help, when YOU need it most? If overwhelm has you left feeling frustrated and wondering what's next, how things will change, and which side of the coin you'll land on...It's okay. As the one always doing the helping, you know you've got to prioritize self-care, and we're happy to say that The Inner Compass Journey was made just for that!

What's Going On In Your Mind?

Do you find yourself asking any of these questions?

  • How can I find advice when I know that I really need to be able to decide for myself?

  • How do I decide what's next when I've lost faith in my own judgment?

  • How do I grow more from here to help my clients more effectively, if I'm not doing this myself?

  • What's getting in my way here?

  • What's the next step to take, and how do I find it?

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It's Jamie, Your Instructor

Ready to create self-awareness and increase confidence in your decisions? Watch now!

Let Your Inner Compass Guide You

Your unconscious holds the wisdom to what's holding you back and can propel you forward.

  • Interpret

    Your life doesn't have to be a guessing game. Create a starter set of skills to access and interpret your inner guidance and inner wisdom at any time.

  • Integrate

    Integrate your wisdom into your personal and professional life. Whether you’re looking for next steps in your business or discovering how to better understand your clients.

  • Identify

    Wondering what's missing or what you need most? Have the upper hand in the unknown and find out what to do next to create your life purposefully.

Bonus Material

Amplify your experience inside the intuitive course with these extras!

  • Printable PDF's

    For those of you who like to write it out, there's a printable pdf that you can use any and every time you experience this meditation.

  • Free Association Resources

    If you need help, it's okay! After you discover what your unconscious mind has to show you Jamie explains how you can understand and interpret the meaning of these things!

  • Unlimited Access

    Repeating the meditation and self-analysis can be an insightful experience every single time, so you're encouraged to complete it as much as you'd like!

Jamie Will Show You...

This is so much more than just another meditation, and how to...

  • Adapt to any intention or inquiry

  • Gain access to important unconscious clues

  • Discover insight and inner guidance for what's next in your life

  • Boost trust in yourself and your decision making

  • Increase confidence in intuition

Watch Intro Video

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Check out the real insight a coach gained from her Inner Compass Journey experience


Inner Compass Journey Experience

by Lisa Clapper

Jamie has created a short inner compass journey meditation. It’s just right when you need a little inner wisdom or just a trip inside. The actual meditation feels like a delicious and expansive wander-wonder-ponder journey every time I do it. Jamie’s voice is warm and open, friendly and joyous. She’s your guide to your own light. The beauty of The Inner Compass Journey is you can do it right in the middle of your life, you don’t need a special retreat at all, it’s less than 10 minutes, and you only need a semi quiet space in or outside. Once I did it the first time, I was blown away (or more aptly, blown in). I decided to do it every day for 30 days. You can do it once or once in a while or every day, it doesn’t matter at all. Find what works for you. The Inner Compass is there for you.

Results On Your Time for only $77

"The Inner Compass Journey is like insight on demand!"

Join the journey and discover a rich world of clues and symbols within your mind that inspire insight and a deeper connection to yourself. In less time than an episode on Netflix, less time than a therapy session, or scrolling on social media… you can identify, interpret, and begin to integrate your discoveries into your life and decision making.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Gustav Jung